Technical Communities Operating Board (TCOB)

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Committee on Administration and Finance

Purpose: The Committee on Administration and Finance (CoAF) has two fundamental functions, administration and finance. The committee has nine voting members, six members appointed by each of the six technical groups and three members appointed by TCOB, of which two are specialized in finance and one is specialized in governance documents.

On the administration aspect, CoAF is the process owner to aid and administer governance documents. An ASME Unit's Operation Guide goes up just one level for approval, and By-Laws go up two levels for approval. Each group representative is responsible for the governance documents within their own technical groups and the TCOB representative is responsible for those of boards and committees. The responsibilities include helping corresponding units in approving the document and presenting the document to CoAF for endorsement. Once CoAF endorses a document, the document is subjected for approval by its ultimate approval unit. If approved, the CoAF Chair will send the file to the ASME staff for posting on the ASME governance website.

On the finance aspect, CoAF is the process owner to finance. It serves as the bridge between the ASME budgetary unit and TCOB units. CoAF reviews the processes that create customized financial reports in a timely fashion, make the investment decision for new product/service development as a percentage of “total” TC revenue, and review the budget.

Chair: Fred Proctor, fred.proctor@nist.gov, 301-975-3425, FY15

Vice-Chair: Cetin Cetinkaya, cetin@clarkson.edu, FY13


Mohamed Hefzy (BEGOB), mohamed.hefzy@utoledo.edu, FY14
Kaufui Vincent Wong (ECGOB), kwong@miami.edu, FY14
John Bozewicz (ETMGOB), bozewiczj@asme.org, FY12
Henry Scarton (ETGOB), scarton@rpi.edu, FY14
Jian Cao (MTGOB), jcao@northwestern.edu, FY12
Fred Proctor (SDGOB), fred.proctor@nist.gov, FY13
Roy Hogan (Finance Representative), rehogan@sandia.gov, FY13
Rick Cowan (Finance Representative), rick.cowan@me.gatech.edu, FY14
Cetin Cetinkaya (TCOB Representative), cetin@clarkson.edu, FY14

Staff Support: Randy Reagan, reaganr@asme.org